Perfect Repairing Solution for UPVC Door Handles

UPVC Door HandlesDue to one or other reasons, you might have problem with your UPVC door handles. In order to find the solution for this problem, you need to figure out what causes the problem. The common cause for door handle problems are the screws installed tighter than it should. This condition does not allow the spring to work as intended. Lack of clearance on the back plate may cause the handle being unable to turn as well. Aside from those causes, handles on UPVC doors may also not working properly due to other causes such as failing spring mechanism or inadequate spring lubrication.

Easy Repairing Solution

Instead of replacing the whole door, which is neither economic nor efficient, you can repair the problem of your UPVC door handles. If the problem of this door lies on the screws, which are installed too tight, all you can do is to loosen them slightly. In this repairing solution, you will need a screwdriver to loosen the screw. Keep in mind that the screws should be able to hold the handle to the door yet not making the spring mechanism inside it working properly when you are doing it. This easy UPVC door handles repair should allow the handle to turn smoothly without any problem.

In the case of failing spring mechanism on UPVC door handles, you need to do a test before you find the solution. Hold the handle and the back plate at the same time. Try to turn the handle slowly. If you find it difficult to do so, then the problem lies on the spring mechanism. The easy repair solution for UPVC door handles with such problem is using lubrication. In order to lubricate the UPVC door handles, you can take advantage of grease. Grease should be able to lubricate the spring mechanism and allowing it to turn smoothly. Repeat the same test to see whether it works properly or not.

The easy repair solutions for door handles problems above are only able to solve minor issue to your problems. If the problem is severe, you might need to uninstall the door handle and replacing it with a new one. Finding the replacement for UPVC door handles should not be a problem. You only need to contact the shop where your purchase the door handle, and purchase the same model. Alternatively, you can purchase other model as long as it fits the UPVC front doors.